Warranty & Refund Policy

Warranty & Refund Policy

We value our customer satisfaction and want you to be happy with your repairs! We also want to make sure that your repair works beyond our final testing in the shop after we hand you back your mobile device. For this reason, we have a parts warranty that applies to all repairs. We also have a limited refund policy.

90-Day Parts Warranty

If the part that we use in the repair of your phone fails due to manufacturer defect or a malfunction of the part unrelated to new damage of the part, we will replace that part for free within 90 days of your original repair. This only applies in cases where you did not damage the part after we completed your repair. For example, if you got an iPhone 6s screen replaced and it begins to white out or ghost click on you, and there is no evidence of external damage, we will replace that screen for free within 90-days. However, if you get a screen replacement and then drop the phone next week, or crack the screen putting the phone into your pocket or purse, we cannot provide a parts replacement.

Limited Refund Policy

We will provide a full refund in cases where you provided a deposit for a part for a repair and no longer want the repair to be conducted. You must notify of your desire for a refund of the parts deposit cost by either phone or via the contact form on this website. The store manager may also approve full refunds in situations where an obvious error occurred during the repair that was the fault of AO Tech Repairs technicians that either rendered the repair ineffective or damaged the part purchased for conducting the repair. This must be based on the specifics of the situation and the discretion of the store manager.