Tablet and Cell Phone Screen Repair

The Best Tablet Repair In Corpus Christi!

No need to throw out your cell phone or tablet.  We do screen repair in Corpus Christi for iPhones, Samsung, LG, and all the major brands of smart phones plus every brand of tablet as well.  So if you have ever wondered, “Can I fix my phone?”  The answer is yes!  It does not matter if you have a cracked screen or a screen shattered beyond recognition, our trained technicians can fix and repair your device while you wait.  Could your device need more than just a screen?  Our dedicated tablet and phone repair shop keeps on hand the parts that most commonly break so we can have most people back in their car in just a short time.

Why Use AO Tech For Your Tablet Repair?

When a screen is damaged on a cellphone it could be one of two problems. It will either be glass only repair or LCD&Digitizer repair. Glass only repairs are done when there is a visible crack on the surface of the phone but all touchscreen functions are working. For a glass only repair the lens is removed from the screen and a new lens is glued onto the digitizer. Glass only repairs are usually cheaper for the customer and are the preferred method when possible. LCD&Digitizer repairs are done if then there is any damage to the LCD screen. If the touchscreen is unresponsive in any way or there is discoloration (black spots, lines or blank spaces) then a LCD&Digitizer repair will be done. All screen repairs come with a 90 day parts warranty and a free screen protector.

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Feel free to give us a call about your broken smart phone or your broken tablet.  We would be happy to talk to you before hand so you can have confidence our Corpus Christi repair shop will keep you satisfied with our professional services every step of the way.

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