iPhone Repair in Portland, TX

Comprehensive iPhone Repair in Portland, TX

iphone repair in Portland txDid you know that since we first opened in 2015 we’ve provided service coverage for iPhone repair in Portland, TX? We have dozens of customers driving all the way into Corpus Christi from Portland in order to use our superior iPhone repair services. Why do people who need iPhone repair in Portland, TX come all the way to AO Tech Repairs for help? Because they know it’s worth the drive for expert, affordable iPhone repairs!

Fast, Same-Day Broken iPhone Screen Repair for Portland, TX Customers

Let’s face it, we all drop our phone at some point. Or we leave it out and it gets sat on – or worse, run over by our car! Nobody wants to live with a broken iPhone screen for very long, as it makes your phone pretty much useless. We’re ready to help. We have same-day iPhone repair for Portland, TX customers when we have your screen model on hand (so, call ahead to make sure we have it in stock!). Even if you have to leave it overnight, with the quality of repair you’re getting and the amount of money you’re saving, it’s worth the drive into town!

iPhone Repair in Portland, TX That Includes Broken Buttons, Ports, Or Circuits

Do you plug in and get an “unrecognized accessory” warning? Do you have other accessory problems?  We can help you figure it out. It could be as simple as a loose connection that needs to be fixed on your port.  Your ports take a lot of abuse, and they can easily develop a loose wire or connection.

Maybe your “Home” button is not working. That can make your phone almost useless! It could be a broken button, or it could be just dirt and grime getting under the button causing it not to work any longer.  It could also be corrosion, or the button getting misaligned due to the charging port moving around. Whatever it is, we can help you fix it!  

Whether the issue is a broken button, clogged charging port

iPhone Water Damage and Corrosion (a.k.a. Weird Problems a Month After I Got My iPhone Wet)

You probably noticed that iPhones are not designed to go into swimming pools, sinks, water glasses, washing machines, or toilets.  Most people, after having a “significant water event,” open up their iPhone to dry it out, see that it still works the next day, and go on to keep using it.  In the long run, drying out your phone and doing nothing else won’t fix your phone. You will see water damage weeks or even months after the phone was exposed to water.

Don’t think stuffing your phone into a bag of rice will actually save it! That’s one life hack that will only get you in trouble in the long run. The best thing to do with your iPhone after getting it wet is take the phone into a repair shop and get a water damage treatment done.  The treatment protects the fragile circuitry from breaking down and going bad and is a lot cheaper than replacing circuit board parts or even replacing the phone after weeks of corrosion.  

90-Day Parts Warranty On iPhone Repairs

All of our iPhone repairs for Portland, TX customers are backed with a 90 day parts warranty. We believe that the key to customer service is a pleasant experience and quick, quality service, and our customers agree. We care about happy customers so we would gladly provide a follow up repair if you find a defective part.

We believe in a transparent, up-front pricing system that we trust is the best way to do business and provide customers a fair price for all of our cell phone repairs. We have a flat rate per iPhone model and then charge the cost for the specific part your repair requires. Fair, simple and affordable pricing you won’t find anywhere else on parts-warrantied iPhone repairs that other shops offer.

Don’t toss it when you can fix it! Repairing your iPhone instead of buying a new one is a great way to save hundreds of dollars.


If you are a student, military veteran, fire, EMS or PD, then bring in a valid id for our repair discounts!


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