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Busted your iPhone and wondering if you should fix it or just get a new one?  Having to buy a brand new iPhone when you have months or more left on your cellphone contract is expensive. Most “broken phone” issues can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of a new phone if you find the right specialist to do it!

What are the most common problems people have with their iPhone?  Here are issues we most commonly see.

  • Damaged Glass, Digitizer, or LCD
  • Broken Buttons,Ports, and Circuits
  • Water Damage & Corrosion
  • Bad Battery

So what do these problems look like?

Cracked Or Shattered Glass, Damaged Digitizer, or LCD On Your iPhone

All right, you do not have to be a certified technician to know when your screen is broken.   You will see cracks, dead spots, or both.  If you have cracks and no dead spots (which is usually the case with a broken screen) then you are looking at broken glass.  If there are dead spots, discolorations, or even “the black screen of doom” then you have a broken digitizer.  With the right equipment, any problem with you screen is easy to fix, you just have to swap out the screen.

If you see cracks and no dead spots on your phone, we would not recommend you try to use it “to get by” for too long because the cracks mean the integrity of the screen has been compromised.  In other words, you are more likely to break the digitizer if you drop your iPhone again.

Broken Buttons, Ports, Or Circuits On Your iPhone

Do you plug in and get an “unrecognized accessory” warning?  You want to yell at your phone when that “accessory” is the Apple supplied charging cord.  Do you have other accessory problems?  It could be as simple as a loose connection that needs to be fixed on your port.  Your ports take a lot of abuse, and they can easily develop a loose wire or connection.

An issue that is more common to iPhones than other phones is the “Home” button not working.  It could be a broken button or it could be just dirt and grime getting under the button causing it not to work any longer.  Other issues with the button could be corrosion or the button getting misaligned due to the charging port wiggling around!  

With all these issues, the phone needs to get carefully opened up to see what is going on.  Often (not always) we can repair these issues without having to install new parts.

Water Damage and Corrosion (a.k.a. Weird Problems a Month After I Got My iPhone Wet)

If you haven’t noticed, iPhones are not designed to go into swimming pools, sinks, water glasses, washing machines, or toilets.  Most people, after having a “significant water event,” open up their iPhone to dry it out, see it works the next day, and go on with their merry life.  In the long run, drying out your phone and doing nothing else is a way pay more to fix your phone.  The reason is most water damage we see happens weeks or even months after the phone was exposed to water.

It works like this.  Your car does not rust the day after your drive over salted or sanded roads.  The salt and sand weakens the protection of the vehicle, and slowly over time the weakness become rust spots.  The same thing happens with your phone, after the phone gets wet, corrosion kicks in, and corrosion can happen just about anywhere on your phone (that is why water damage can cause just about any problem).

The best thing to do with your iPhone after getting it wet is take the phone into a repair shop and get a water damage treatment done.  The treatment protects the fragile circuitry from breaking down and going bad and is a lot cheaper than replacing parts or even replacing the phone after weeks of corrosion.  As an example, this is what we do with an iPhone that gets wet.

  1. Phone is carefully disassembled.
  2. We carefully inspect all the major components for damage.
  3. Sensitive components are given a special chemical bath to remove any corrosion and to protect the components from future corrosion.
  4. The phone is reassembled and tested that it operates as intended.

For more information regarding iPhone repair or damaged smartphones, just give us a call or contact us via the web.

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