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cell phone repairCell phones have become a part of our daily life. Like it or not, it’s hard to think of a day without our cell phone. Whether texting a friend about evening plans, communicating with a co-worker about a project, listening to music, streaming movies, looking up the weather, or even making a phone call, we use them all the time. And while we use them more and more, they continue to get more and more expensive. The newest iPhone costs nearly $1000! When your phone is broken, don’t throw it away, instead, look for Corpus Christi cell phone repair.

3 Myths About Cell Phone Repair

cell phone repair

Myth #1 – All Cell Phone Repairs Can Be Done At Home

Cell phones are made up of many components. Some of these are mechanical, and others are electrical. Some parts can be easily replaced, but most repairs require special tools, and trained technicians to complete. Phones continue to be manufactured in a more complex way, and become more and more difficult to repair. With the many resources available, including repair kits and step-by-step videos, it is possible to do some basic cell phone repairs at home, but when you count the cost of the repair kit, the time and effort it takes to fix it, and the chance that something goes wrong, it isn’t always the best option to fix it yourself.

Myth #2 – Cell Phone Repair Shops Are Expensive

This depends on the cell phone repair shop. Most chains are very expensive, costing above $100 to fix a screen, and much more for more complex repairs. Independent repair shops are lower cost, but they can have less credibility than a national chain. The main reason an independent cell phone repair shop can have lower price is efficiency. National chains have higher overhead, and are generally less efficient. Smaller shops can be more flexible and efficient with the use of time and resources. This allows them to have lower prices for the same(or even better) repairs and service.

Myth #3 – Cell Phone Repair Shops Can’t Be Trusted

Many people have a fear of what people might do to their phone once they give it to them. Personal information could be stolen, or accounts and financial information could be stolen or compromised. Unskilled technicians or shops looking to rush through repairs in order to make more money can leave your phone with temporal fix at best, and with a bigger problem at worst. Not all independent cell phone repair shops are untrustworthy, though. Trusting a big name brand is the easy way out, that can also easily cost you twice as much, and possibly even more. You can get high quality Corpus Christi cell phone repair at a lower price.

So, how can you tell the difference?

corpus christi cell phone repairsLook at the reviews. Yelp, Facebook, and Google ratings can tell a lot about a cell phone repair shop. An independent cell phone repair shop that has a rating of 2 or 3 stars is what it looks like. You probably wouldn’t want to trust your phone into their hands, knowing that many others have had a bad experience. A shop with a 5 star rating, on the other hand, is a shop that has been tested and “approved” by the community. People have enjoyed a good experience, and received quality service and phone repairs for fair prices.

Like with the quality of the phone repairs, the reviews give a great indicator of how trustworthy a shop is. If people are commenting on bad customer service, shady people, or problems with their phone after it was “repaired,” you probably don’t want to give them your phone. But, there are plenty of reliable and trustworthy independent phone repair shops, and you can find them using a simple search on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. Using these tools can help you save money, without any negative effects.

corpus christi cell phone repairAlpha Omega Tech Repairs is one of those shops. You can be confident that we have been delivering quality phone repairs to the Corpus Christi community for years and will do the same for you. Enjoy the fact that you will have your phone fixed quickly and for much less than other cell phone repairs shops in Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi Cell Phone Repairs

At Alpha Omega Tech Repair, we strive to provide all of our customers with the best repairs in a timely manner. We have a large stock of the most common parts, which means we can often fix your phone on the same day you bring it in, or even while you wait. We have Master Level 3 certified technicians who are the fastest in town, and know what they’re doing. You’re not entrusting your phone to a random kid who learned from YouTube videos. We have professional technicians who have taken the time to get certified and who have been trained to handle the toughest and most complex of Corpus Christi cell phone repairs.

corpus christi cell phone repairsOur Corpus Christi cell phone repair team most commonly sees people for broken or cracked screen repairs. We also repair water damage, do circuit board repair, circuit soldering, camera replacement, data recovery, and more. We offer upfront pricing, and for our more common repairs, such as screen repairs, we have flat rate pricing available on our website. We believe that giving our customers a fair, transparent price is the best way to offer the best cell phone repair in Corpus Christi. Visit our store at 5720 South Alameda Street and find out why hundreds of people choose AO Tech Repairs in Corpus Christi!

Discounts Offered On Cell Phone Repair

We have discounts on all repair costs for students with a valid ID (College and HS), veterans (active duty or discharged/retired), and police/fire/EMS with valid service IDs.

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