Cellphone Repair Discounts – Students, Teachers, Police, Fire/EMS, Military/Veteran

AOT Shop Discounts

We want to give back to those in our community working hard to make a difference, or studying hard to get there! We decided when we started out that we want to always have an active discount in place for public servants who put themselves at risk to make our city a better place. Our owner is a licensed Paramedic and knows the crazy life our local Police/Fire/EMS have to live every day. They deserve recognition, and we’re going to give it. We include active duty military and veterans in the public servant discounts too!

We also wanted to give back to teachers who work hard to make the future a brighter place for Corpus Christi by preparing the next generation of students. And we know life is hard when you’re a student, so they’re included too!

All you need to do is come to our shop and show a valid ID proving you are actively employed in one of these groups or a student at a recognized educational institution. The discount is valid EVERY time you come as long as you have a valid ID that is not expired.