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We often get the question, “is it worth fixing my phone or should I just get a new one?”  Part of this answer depends on your cell phone carrier and the deal you can work out with them to replace your phone early.  Often, it is no deal at all. You’re left buying a brand new phone while keeping the high contract price. Another option is to have your smart phone fixed. This has become a cost effective solution compared to the cost of a new phone.

Here are some of the most common issues we find.

  1. Cracked glass or damaged LCD
  2. Water damage
  3. Broken circuits, buttons or ports
  4. Battery life

Cracked Glass Or Damaged LCD Screens

How do you know if it is just the glass or the LCD that is broken?  The easiest way to tell is if it’s a broken LCD there are usually dead spots on all or part of your screen. If it’s just a crack, you will see the image fine (well, except for the cracks).

This is pretty common since most smart phones are somewhat fragile. It doesn’t take a skilled technician long to fix this problem and we keep the most common screens on hand in our shop with a short lead time for unusual screens.

Broken Circuits, Buttons, Or Ports

If an accessory does not work after you plug it in, it could be a malfunctioning accessory or port.  You might even get an “incompatible accessory” error.  A faulty port can be an issue with headphones, usb or charging cord being jostled around.

It doesn’t take much to cause problems. The good news is that they’re all easily fixable problems.  These issues often result from a dropped phone or bump up against something hard, and sometimes it can happen if you put stress on the port itself (sorry, you should not use your ports to open aluminum cans).

Battery Life

Does your battery seem to drain too fast?  Does it seem your mobile phone is always tethered to the wall? It could be an app is draining your battery, or it could be that your battery is going bad. 

What are some signs your battery is going bad?

  • The battery gets a lot hotter than it used to while charging
  • The battery is bulging
  • The device turns off for no apparent reason
  • It seems you’re charging too often or too long for a full charge

There are a lot of free battery monitors in the app stores you can use to see if an app is using a lot of “juice”. Instead of guessing what the problem is, bring your phone by the store and we’ll test the battery for you.

Does Your Cell Phone Have Water Damage?

What are signs that your cell phone has water damage?  Anything and everything.  There are numerous issues that can arise from water damage. The problem with water damage is that it continues to get worse over the next few days and weeks. Corrosion is the bad guy in a water damaged phone and it’s a silent killer. It’s similar to what happens on a car. You might not see the corrosion at first but it’s working behind the scenes to destroy your smartphone.  If your phone is going “wonky” and it’s unclear what’s causing it, you may be the victim of water damage.

There are many myths out there about what to do with a water damaged phone.  The best thing to do is to get a professional water damage recovery treatment done to your phone as soon as you can after the phone gets wet. This will save you money.  The longer you wait, the more components may corrode, the more expensive a repair will be.

Certified Level 3 Technicians For Cell Phone Repair

It’s not necessary to take your phone back to the manufacturer or dealer unless there’s a warranty issue. Most of the time, a phone outside its warranty period or with user induced damage can be fixed without resorting to factory refurbishment. You’ll find that a factory or dealer repair job is going to cost far more than our store will charge. Our shop is staffed with certified Level 3 technicians who specialize in smartphone repair.

Some people will consider doing a smart phone repair on their own. Just know smart phones use sensitive, high tech circuitry. A wrong move can cause more damage to your phone, loss of data, and more expense. We use high quality parts designed for your particular phone. Having the proper tools for the job is also a necessity. When working with sensitive electronics, you don’t want a static charge to short out your phone. It’s not uncommon for one problem to result in many more without the appropriate experience. Diagnostics can be a tricky business too. It’s pretty easy to determine if you have a shattered screen, but not so easy to see if something else was damaged.

Most people will find it makes more sense to preserve your investment and have the cell phone repair done by a certified technician. Alpha Omega Tech Repairs offer a limited warranty to cover the repair.

A well-staffed store with good inventory can have your phone fixed up in a jiffy. If you’re in the Corpus Christi area, same day cell phone repair is available right around the corner. Or, if you aren’t in the neighborhood, contact us and we’ll help get your cell phone or mobile device fixed up fast.

If you want to protect your significant smart phone investment, make sure you have a decent quality protective case. There are a wide range of brands and styles to choose from and they do help protect your smartphone.

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